Serving at Oso

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 9.24.45 AMFinding Where You Fit

Each one of us is a puzzle piece in the amazing church that God is building at Fellowship of Oso Creek.  When we gather for worship on Sunday morning it takes so much more to make that happen than just the church staff can do.  Volunteers make sure everything runs smooth.  Serving at Oso is also about making sure people feel welcomed and loved.  It is an opportunity to reach out in the name of Jesus Christ and embrace people.  How are you going to serve at Oso?  Below are some of the opportunities each week to serve.  Try one, try them all, but find a place to serve the body and maybe you will discover that you have been a missing piece of our puzzle.


Promiseland Banner Promiseland:

Promiseland requires 30 Teachers and Co-teachers each week- 15 per service- to instruct our children in the ways of the Lord.  The Co-Teacher is the assistant to the teacher and steps in when the teacher must be out.  Promiseland also keeps a list of floaters who substitute when a Teacher/Co-Teacher must be out.  All Promiseland Volunteers (VIPs) must complete an application, agree to the Policies and Procedures of Promiseland and the church and undergo and pass a background check.  Contact Tammy Conolly for more information.


Oso Youth Logo May 2017-100Oso Youth:

Our youth are not just the future leaders of the church; they are part of the church right now.  There are four areas to serve in the youth ministry.  First is helping setup for youth life group to start and prayerfully waiting for the youth to arrive.  The second is to help mentor some of the youth and encourage them to have a closer relationship with Christ.  The third is in worship.  Our youth need to learn to worship God with song and dance.  Last, we try to provide a meal to our youth every week.  This keeps them focused and ready to receive from God.  For more information contact Robert Velasquez.





Worship Ministry:

The one word that sums up everything we do at Fellowship of Oso Creek is worship.  As with most churches our primary form of worship happens through music and song.  Each Sunday we are led into the throne room of God by a group of talented volunteer musicians and singers.  If you are gifted with an ability to play an instrument or sing, there is an opportunity for you to serve on the Worship Ministry Team.  The team is led by our Worship Pastor, Luther Sanchez.  If you have any questions please contact him.




Our greeters are the first faces people see when they visit Fellowship of Oso Creek.  There are three different places you can serve as a greeter.  First is outside in the parking lot, second is at the welcome table in the lobby, and the third place is in the sanctuary as an usher.  All you need to be a greeter is a warm smile and a welcoming spirit.  For more information contact Mark Isbell.





Coffee has become a part of the culture at Fellowship of Oso Creek.  Each Sunday we serve over 150 cups of coffee, and it takes dedicated servants to come early and prepare that much coffee.  If you are the type of person that appreciates a great cup of coffee and seeing the smile it can put on a person’s face we need you.  At the OC we only serve HOPE Coffee.  HOPE is a great missional organization to reach farmers for the name of Jesus.  If you would be interested in helping make coffee please contact Kelsey Lacourt.


Art Ministry:

At Fellowship of Oso Creek, we believe art is an integral part of how we were created and it can be a deep expression of worship.  Art can take shape in many forms and mediums.  At the OC we have original artwork hanging from different artists within the building.  Some of them were even painted on Sunday mornings during worship.  If you desire to serve in our art ministry contact Jade Payne.


Our Sunday morning services smoothly because our gifted media crew.  There is always a need for trained volunteers to help run the computer media and sound board.  You can also help with lights, set up, and recording our weekly services.  We would also love to find someone that is gifted in editing video.  If you have a passion for media please contact Rob Conolly.


A team of gracious people take the time to bring snacks for our all those that serve between services.  Many people that serve are at the OC for several hours on Sundays.  Having a small snack keeps the hangrys away!  We ask those serving in hospitality to sign up to bring something every 8-10 weeks.  If you want to help fight the hangrys this is the place to serve for you.  For more information contact Mark Isbell.


Stuff breaks!  It just happens, but you could help fix it.  One of the things Oso likes to have is a list of people to call when little things go wrong.  Our building is a blessing for the Kingdom, and it is our responsibility to maintain it properly.  If you know your way around a ballast, toilet, or paint brush this might be a place for you to serve.  For more information contact Mark Isbell.