Hope Coffee



Coffee has become a part of the culture at Fellowship of Oso Creek.

Every week we invite people to grab a cup of coffee, grab their Bible and join us for worship.  Over the last 20 years Oso Creek has served thousands of cups of coffee.  Then we discovered HOPE Coffee.  HOPE coffee is a missional organization that loves the local coffee farmers in Honduras.  HOPE doesn’t just provide work for families, but it provides the gospel of Christ and the support of the church.  Oso Creek realized that by changing the coffee we drink, we could change the lives of people in Honduras.


The HOPE Coffee Story from HOPE Coffee


Every Sunday Fellowship of Oso Creek will be serving HOPE Coffee, and you also have the opportunity to purchase it for your home.  All of the money raised goes to the purchase of coffee and the support of further ministry in Honduras.  If you would like more information about HOPE coffee please visit their website at www.hopecoffee.com.


Coffee Farm Juan’s testimony from HOPE Coffee.