Good, God, and gods

February 5, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Mark 10:17-31 |


Good, God, and gods

Mark 10:17-31

Understanding Where We Are:

  • Rich, Young, Ruler
  • The commandments are meant to be a mirror to show us our Brokenness.

What the Bible Says About our Stuff:

  • Do: Work Hard- Tithe- Use It- Save- Invest- Give Generously
  • Don't: Love It- Put Hope In It- Be Enslaved By It

How to find our idols:

  • Idol: Usually a good thing that becomes a god thing.
  • Worship: What we love and pursue most with our heart and actions
    • What is it that consumes my life?
    • What do I manipulate God to get?
    • What am I consumed about keeping?