Phil & Christmas

When I think about the apostle Peter, I imagine him being played by Phil Robertson – a somewhat crass old fisherman who’s tongue moves a little bit faster than his brain, but he loves Jesus.  :-)= Today the Duck Commander is in the news for calling homosexuality a sin. There is enough commentary on what… Read More ›

Christmas Family Devotional

Merry Christmas Friends! I love Christmas time – everything about it.  I love the lights, the trees, the music. . . I even love the crowds at the stores.  Its easy for me to get caught up in it all.  So every year Sara and I try to come up with different ways to help our… Read More ›

An Open Door on Halloween

Regardless of your feelings about Halloween, it is an open door for us to share about Jesus and invite people to church! Most other days of the year, if you were to go knocking from door to door, people would be put out or wouldn’t answer. This is the one day of year when people… Read More ›