The PURPOSE of Fellowship of Oso Creek is to Love God, Love People, and to see lives changed!

The PLAN is the way that we accomplish our purpose: Live in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, living in authentic community, and joining God in His Mission across the street and around the world!

Growing in Jesus.
Real transformation begins when we put our faith in Christ and continues as we offer our lives to God for Him to work in.  We see and experience God’s love through Jesus – His death for our sins and His resurrection for our life.  His love is perfect, full, rich and complete.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we strive to love each other and the world just as Jesus did, but we cannot do this without a growing relationship with Jesus.

In Community.
God didn’t make us to live this life alone.  Instead, we grow in our relationship with Jesus through discipling one another, through praying for and encouraging each other, and through studying God’s Word (the Bible) together.  In the same way that God loves us, we strive to love one another.  Throughout the week you will find Creekers meeting in Life Groups.

On Mission.
Because God loves the world so much He came into the world to pay for the sins of all humanity.  This is GOOD news! His mission is for the whole world to hear of His great love for them expressed through Jesus Christ.  His mission is our mission; to go into all the world and share the life-giving message of Jesus Christ.


If you want to read our church covenant, it can be found below.

Fellowship of Oso Creek- Church Covenant