Children’s Ministry

What We Do

Promiseland at Fellowship of Oso Creek is a loving Children’s Ministry for all children ages Infant through 5th grade.   It is so much more than a place for your children to stay and be entertained while you attend service.  It is a place that cares not only for your child physically, but spiritually.  We partner with you to raise up your children to walk in the light of the Lord.

In Promiseland children learn of the love of Jesus though instruction and example, with gentle guidance towards accepting Christ as Savior.  All of our lessons are Bible centered and the truths learned are reinforced through fun activities.  Bible memory is an important part of the curriculum in Promiseland.  Volunteers in our Infants class speak Bible truths to the children in their care.  Confident Walkers begin to hear Bible verses recited and explained at their level.  Two year olds begin memorizing simple verses.  As children move through the grades, Bible memory becomes more challenging.

Promiseland classes for infants to kindergarten begin as the service begins; 1st through 5th grade children classes start after congregational worship.  This means our elementary students are with their parents for the first portion of the service for the music and then will be dismissed to their classes.  The first Sunday of the month elementary students will also join the congregation for the message.


All children are checked in using our secure check in kiosk.  Once a child is checked in, a name tag will be printed for you and your child to wear.  Information included on the child’s name tag is the child’s first and last name, allergies, and a security code.  Your name tag will include the same security code.  Your child must be wearing a name tag to enter a classroom.

Our system also prints out an extra sticker that has the same security code for you, the parent, to keep, should you need a grandparent, other adult, or older sibling to pick up your child.  That person will need to show this claim sticker to the classroom volunteer for your child to be released into their care.

Each service, there are a minimum of two volunteers present in each classroom, and a supervisor who is present and readily available.  This supervisor monitors our children’s area throughout the service and checks the rooms and playground for safety prior to each gathering.

Volunteer Requirements

All of our volunteers complete an application and must pass a background check prior to being placed in a classroom.  An updated background check is done every 24 months.  Each volunteer must read and agree to policies and procedures that all of our volunteers are expected to follow.

If Your Child Needs You..

One of the reasons your child must wear a name tag in the classroom is to help us find you, should your child cry excessively, sustain an injury, or become ill during the service.  If you are needed for any reason, we will flash your name tag security code at the top of the screen at the front of the sanctuary.  When you see this, please make your way to the foyer where the Promiseland Supervisor will meet you.

Health Concerns/Allergies

If there are any health issues we should know concerning your child, they should be written on an allergy alert sticker.  These stickers may be found at the check in kiosk, on the preschool area table, and the table outside the Kinder Class.  We also post signs at each classroom listing the snacks your children will be given and any food items involved in the lesson.  If you child has food allergies, please bring something healthy for him or her to have at snack time.