An Open Door on Halloween

Trick or Treat!

Regardless of your feelings about Halloween, it is an open door for us to share about Jesus and invite people to church! Most other days of the year, if you were to go knocking from door to door, people would be put out or wouldn’t answer. This is the one day of year when people are not only waiting to greet you, but offer you candy as well! Here are two things you can do to use Halloween to invite people to church.

1) Go trick-or-treating! As you go from door to door collecting candy and teaching your children to say “thank you”, have your children hand them Fellowship of Oso Creek card and invite them to church with us on Sunday! This is a good opportunity to teach your children to invite! If your kids are too young, teach them by demonstrating how to invite someone yourself! YOU can invite them when you say thank-you!

2) Give out candy! How often are people banging down YOUR door for you to give them something? Take the opportunity and when you hand out candy, hand out an invitation to join us on Sunday! Don’t just hand out candy, hand out the GOOD candy! Kids may not remember the house that invited them to church, but they will remember the house that gave out the FULL-SIZED candy bar and invited them to church!

For those who missed the cards on Sunday, we have Fellowship of Oso Creek Cards available to hand out as you invite people.

For those who have strong feeling against Halloween, consider this: Halloween began as All Hallows Eve, the evening before All Hallows Day, otherwise knows as All Saints Day. It was a Christian holiday that celebrated the saints (those who know Jesus and had the Holy Spirit) entering into the presence of God in Heaven. What better way to redeem All Hallows Eve than to once again make it about people entering into the presence of God through a relationship with Jesus? Take advantage of this opportunity and invite people to hear about Jesus!